Link between obesity and diabetes

In the modern world where a snack constitutes french fries and a meal constitutes a burger at KFC or McDonalds, it is little wonder that obesity is on the rise. If we were to take the American population as an example, the numbers are extremely worrying. A staggering 75% of Americans will be overweight by […]

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Building Motivation for Muscle Building

One of the important elements for muscle building is building motivation. Motivation is usually overlooked by training personnel when it comes to intense workouts and daily exercises. It is generally observed that in the beginning days of any exercise program, the person involved is highly enthusiastic about the procedure but eventually everything wanes after a […]

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Accessories You Will Need For Yoga

Yoga as a practice originated from India. It is believed to have its root in Hindu religion though other Indian religious groups such as Buddhism, Jainism, and tantra also have it as part of their dogma. In ancient India, it is a religious obligation practiced as a religious observance to reconnect the body and soul […]

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